3 Russinnen am Stockerl

Das russische Team feierte bei #EuroFigure 2020 mit Alena Kostornaia, Anna Shcherbakova und Alexandra Trusova den nächsten Dreifacherfolg.


Eistanzen: Überraschungssieg

Victoria Sinitsina und Nikita Katsalapov aus Russland sicherten sich am Samstagnachmittag (25.1.) den Titel im Eistanzen und entthronten die Favoriten.

Platz 6 für Österreich!

Österreichs Paarläufer Miriam Ziegler und Severin Kiefer erreichten bei #EuroFigure 2020 die beste Platzierung ihrer bisherigen Laufbahn.

Herren: Russischer Doppelsieg

Der 20-jährige Dmitri Aliev holte sich am Donnerstagabend in der Steiermarkhalle mit Respektabstand (26 Punkte) das erste #EuroFigure-Gold.

Digging for gold in the Dolomites

History-Spotlight 7: The silent grace of Sissy Schwarz and Kurt Oppelt, the 1956-Olympic-Champions in Pair Skating, took the hearts of many Austrians by storm.

A cross-cultural Happening

123 skaters from 33 European countries will come to Graz. And more than 200 volunteers from all over the globe will make #EuroFigure 2020 happen.

Golden Boy of the Sixties

History-Spotlight 6: Emmerich Danzer grabbed his first Gold at Worlds in 1966. The four-time European and three-time World Champion is a living legende.

60 Dresses for 60 Flowerkids

Dress for Success: The prototype of the dresses for Flowergirls at #EuroFigure 2020 is out. Each young lady will wear a "Drindl", a traditional Austrian dress - but with a fresh design-twist.

Gentle elegance on 2 blades

History-Spotlight 5: Ingrid Wendl was European Champion twice in the 1950s. Her unforgetable grace and her natural beauty led to a successful carreer on Austrian TV.

Send a Pic & win free Tickets

Our three mascots already took the ice. Join them, be part of our acutal Facebook-Campaign #OpenIce and get 10x 2 free tickets for #EuroFigure 2020 in Graz.

Wiener Eisrevue conquers the World

History-Spotlight 4: The Wiener Eisrevue attracted international attention after WWII. The new iceshow was mainly responsible to create a more positive image of Austria.

Austria has new Champs

The showdown is completed, new national champions have been appointed and the Austrian representatives at #EuroFigure are finally set.

A star was born

History-Spotlight 3: Eva Pawlik was European Champion 1949, Silver-Medalist at Worlds and Vice-Olympic-Champion 1948 - and just a few years later the rising star of the newly founded Eisrevue.

Technical Revolution in Skating

History-Spotlight 2: Eduard Engelmann dominated the early years of competitive figure skating. And the Austrian skater invented the first artificial ice rink in history.

60 Flowerkids start preparations

The challenge is on: European Figure Skating Championships will start in exactly 60 days. 60 Flowerkids have already started to prepare for the big showdown.