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What's your name, my little friend?

These three figures are the mascots of European Figure Skating Championships, but there is more behind the happy faces of the pumpkin, the drop of water and the grape:

The Pumpkin

Perfectly clear, we couldn't miss out on the Styrian delicacy: Styrian pumpkin seed oil, which is pressed out of sun-ripened pumpkinseeds by our local farmers. Nutty, a rich green color and viscous consistency – just the way real Styrian pumpkin seed oil should be. So the choice was pretty easy to choose a pumpkin as the first part of our logo trio.

The Grape

And we definitely can't forget about the Styrian wine lands, with it's international reputation. Along the eight different Styrian wine routes vine Varietees like sauvignon Black, Welschriesling, Morillon, Trainer, Schilche, Zweigelt, Weißburgunder, Gelber Muskateller, Grauburgunder, Riesling and Müller Thurgau ripen. We wouldn't want our guests from #EuroFigure to miss out on such a pleasure. In honour of the Styrian wine land we created a grape in our logo and as a mascot.

The Waterdrop

But all good things come in threes, a quick solution was found: fresh and clean water. The wealth of Austria. Water, 100 % from springs and groundwater, crystal clear and pure. A great reason to use a drop of our liquid gold in our logo and as a mascot.

But the true question here is, what are their names?! And this is where you step into the picture: Help us decide what to call are amazing mascots!

Head over to our Instagram page and vote, which name we should give our three mascots. Then we can bring them alive so that you can meet them in January at #EuroFigure in #Graz2020!


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