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Wiener Eisrevue conquers the World

In the thirties of the last century Karl Schäfer, possibly Austria’s most successful Figure Skater ever, was the main "spin doctor" to form the “Wiener Eisrevue”. The cradle of lush and entertaining figure skating shows combined current figure skating stars, lavish group choreographies and original music from famous Austrian composers like Johann "the king of waltz" Strauss to produce highly successful pieces of art.

The Wiener Eisrevue was not only tremendously popular in Austria, but the international attention increased as well in the 1950s and 60s. Its appearances in the USA and Northern Africa, even in Israel and the former Sovjet Union were crucial for a new image of Vienna and whole Austria in the aftermath of World War II.

Fortunately the country got globally known again as one of the heartlands of music and dance. Eva Pawlik, European Champion of 1948, was the first big star of the Eis Revue and therefor the main ambassador of the irresistible globle charm offensive of the small nation in Central Europe.

Plenty of Austrian figure skaters benefited from the huge success of Wiener Eisrevue troughout many years. Because large parts of the Revue-earnings were cleverly invested in the training of young athletes to spur them to new peaks - and to develop new stars and starlets for the Wiener Eisrevue.

Read more about the amazing history of Wiener Eisrevue on this webpage (German).

"Figure Skating is coming home" is the main theme of #EuroFigure #Graz2020. This underlines the long and rich Austrian figure skating history. More information

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