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Throw and make children happy!

In the figure skating world it is well-known that fans throw flowers and presents onto the ice for their favorite skaters to keep. Mostly these presents end up being left behind.

But this time we have a solution to this problem:

All the mascots and stuffed animals that will be thrown onto the ice during the 2020 European Championships, which the athletes can’t bring back home, will end up in good hands: Namely, in the hands of some children from families in emergency situations in Graz. On one hand, Peter Pumpkin, Walter Water and Greta Grape will be given to the girls and boys whse mothers live in a women’s shelter. On the other hand, children, who have not necessarily grown up on this sunny side of life and who live with their financially weak parents in temporary homes, can also look forward to receiving the mascots.

So make sure to get your mascots on hand and throw them onto the ice, to bring luck to your favourite skaters and joy to children in need!

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