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Who will make it to #EuroFigure 2020?

The European Figure Skating Championships 2020 are approaching, but before that, many athletes, who will participate in Graz, are going stopover in Torino for the Grand Prix Final. You can watch the absolut highligt of the first part of the Figure Skating Season 2019/20 on the ISU Skating Channel.

It is still not determined which athletes will represent their originating countries, but we have got some top tips. The Entry Deadline for #EuroFigure is set to December 31st, and we can’t wait to see which amazing skaters will go to the Green Heart of Austria.

We didn't lose time and already did our homework. That means the actual posting-pictures for social media-pages like Facebook and Instagram are ready. Just download one or more of the images below, make a new post or share it (they have the correct sizes for FB and Insta):

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